How To Lead A Session


  • Talk with your Pastor and key leaders about Discipleship Academy
  • Decide whether or not to use Discipleship Academy for a new initiative or as a curriculum for an existing group.
  • Decide whether you will have ministry staff or lay led groups.
  • Generate enthusiasm with worship and bulletin announcements, social media posts, and personal invitation 3-4 weeks before launching each course.
  • Place links to the Discipleship Academy website and YouTube channel on your congregation’s web site so participants can find materials easily.
  • Identify some key leaders in the congregation to get on board and to potentially help lead a group.
  • Pick a meeting space that works for your context- at your church building or off site- in a home or a public space-
  • If you have more than 12 people interested-consider running two groups. The format works best with 4-12 people.
  • Let Discipleship Academy know that your church is running a course as part of its Christian Education ministry so we can advertise it on our website and social media pages.


  • Download the course PDF on the site
  • Preview the session Video before you meet ask the participants to do the same
  • Read through each session in advance-
  • Plan out intentionally how you would facilitate each portion of the meeting
  • Pray daily for the ministry and that it will bear fruit in your community
  • Come up with your own questions about the topic


  • Have the pastor or designated lay leader run the entire first session
  • For session two designate a participant to lead the welcome session for the next course
  • For session three designate participants to lead the Welcome and Worship Sections
  • For the Final session designate participants to lead the Welcome, Worship and Word sections.
  • Communicate with us your thoughts, concerns, additional resources or suggested improvements.
  • Talk about a topic for coming up with your own course for Discipleship Academy!