Who Should Lead?

  • The pastor of your congregation-
  • A key lay leader designated by your pastor
  • Courses are designed to be both lay and clergy led
  • The session videos are designed to help provide teaching depth so that new leaders can feel more confident leading a discussion

Discipleship Academy as hands on leadership training

Consider using Discipleship Academy in a way to promote new leadership in your congregation. A great way to start is to follow the path below.

  • Have the pastor or designated lay leader run the entire first session
  • For session two designate a participant to lead the welcome session for the next course
  • For session three designate participants to lead the Welcome and Worship Sections
  • For the Final session designate participants to lead the Welcome, Worship and Word sections.
  • With you pastor’s approval ask one of the participants who has led portions of the meetings to consider facilitating a future course.

Qualities to look for in potential leaders

  • Prayerfulness
  • Openness about the role of Christ in her or his life
  • Maturity
  • Energy
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to your pastor
  • Commitment to your congregation’s ministry and vision
  • Commitment to your denomination
  • Regular worship attendance
  • Generosity