Bible Reading

In the words of the ELCA Book of Faith Initiative, the Bible is “the first language of faith.” For many of us, however, it feels much more like a foreign language, and consequently we feel like we don’t know how to read it or even how to begin to approach it. However, engaging God’s story through scripture is not optional in our walk of discipleship. Living as faithful followers of Jesus requires us first to know who Jesus is and therefore to know the story of the God Jesus incarnates.

This course will begin with Bible basics – what is the Bible anyway and where did it come from? We’ll look at the difference between the Old and New Testaments and the types of literature found in the Bible. We’ll review the outline of the Biblical story and explore different ways of reading and interpreting the Bible. And we’ll try to answer the question – How do I choose a Bible from the shelves and shelves of different ones at the bookstore? After four short weeks, these basics should prepare you well for future Bible study.

Week 1 Bible Basics What is the Bible, where did it come from and why do we read it?
Practice: Comparing Bibles
Week 2 What’s The Story? An overview of the Biblical story from Genesis to Revelation.
Practice: Children’s Bible Read-thru
Week 3 How Do We Read It? Practice with different methods and approaches to reading the Bible (historical, literary, devotional, etc.)
Practice: Books of the Bible
Week 4 Lutherans Read the Bible Exploring Lutheran principles of biblical interpretation.
Practice: Law or Gospel?

Course Materials Arriving Soon!