Community in Christ

What makes a Christian community different from any other social club or organization? Is a church any different?

In this course offering, participants will return to the early Christian community in Acts to rediscover what it means to be a Spirit-led community, a community committed to building up the body of Christ. Before there were budgets, before there were buildings, before there was membership, there was a community. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer. In this community, they held all things in common, ate with glad and generous hearts, and spent a lot of time together. This is a community many people in our neighborhoods and surrounding towns want to be a part of.

Borrowing Diana Butler Bass’ concept of “Belong, Behave, and Believe,” Community in Christ will practice cultivating an authentic and joyful community that belongs to God and is committed to one another, practices their faith, believes in Jesus Christ as Lord, and becomes sent out by the Holy Spirit to be blessings to the world.

Week 1 Belong You belong to God – Accepted and Loved.
Practice: Radical and wide welcome and Who’s Missing?
Week 2 Behave Simple gifts of the Spirit
Practice: Pick a gift and give it back
Week 3 Believe One Lord: the Lordship Principle of Jesus Christ.
Practice: Your Creed
Week 4 Become Messy Communities and Dysfunctional Families: A case study on Abraham and Corinthians
Practice: Blessing Others

Course Materials Arriving Soon!