Our Lutheran Witness

We in the Lutheran Church have a priceless gift to share, that God’s promises are for all who receive them in faith. In this course, we will explore the central idea that God saves us by grace through faith.

This course is designed so that people can explore how faith works and become familiar with the witness we Lutherans have confessed throughout our history as a movement within the wider global Christian community. Our hope is that as disciples in our context we can develop faithful language that those outside our community can understand.

Evangelical Lutheranism is a worldwide community; with the Lutheran World Federation reporting 144 churches in the Lutheran tradition, representing over 72 million Chris-tians in 79 countries. What keeps us all together? Our mu-sic, practice, liturgies, languages, cultures, and dress are all diverse. Essentially, our belief in God’s grace and our participation in this grace through our faith. Law and Gospel, the Priesthood of All Believers, and most of all Christ’s life giving presence with the faithful are the ways that the diverse Lutheran Community shows unified witness, which is hope for the world.

Week 1 Grace Through Faith The Gift of God, how we receive it, and the achievement trap.
Practice: Tending Faith Relationships
Week 2 God’s Presence in Word How God delivers the promise, and makes all other presences of God possible.
Practice: Listening for God’s Word
Week 3 God’s Presence in Sacrament Actions and elements drive home God’s Word.
Practice: Remembering Baptism
Week 4 God’s Presence in Community Why we need others to meet God.
Practice: Tending to Community