Sacred Story Telling and Witness

We are fundamentally story people. Narrative shapes our lives and identities — everything from sharing our day with another to a historical event that has shaped our collective culture. As Christians, we are shaped by the Biblical story, particularly the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we have been entrusted with this story and are called to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Dare I say it? Yes, we are called to evangelize!

For many mainline Christians, evangelism is the dreaded four lettered E-word. It can be overwhelming and scary. This course offering on Sacred Storytelling and Witness is created to help us uncover our fears around evangelism, gain confidence in telling stories, recognize God’s presence in our story and our role in God’s story, and practice sharing our faith with others. It should be noted that evangelism is not a recruitment program but rather a way of life. This short course is not a plan intended to increase membership at your church but rather to deepen participants relationship with God and encourage one another in faith.

Week 1 The E-Word What is evangelism? Naming fears around evangelism and what’s at stake.
Practice: Worst-Case Scenario
Week 2 A Story People An exploration of oral tradition, discussion of stories that impact and influence our lives.
Practice: Crafting Stories
Week 3 My Story Meets God’s Story Learning to listen for God, recognizing God’s presence in our lives.
Practice: Plotting Faith Maps
Week 4 My Story Meets Other’s Stories Active listening, sent to bless.
Practice: Speed Faith Sharing